About a Donkey
Directed by Christina Raia
Written by Kelsey Rauber
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By Alena Smith
Directed by Cameron Clarke
With Calaine Schafer, Ben Kaufman,
Madelyn Murphy, Marlena Holman, & Tyler Riley 

Company of Fools is proud to present Alena Smith's hilarious, touching, and biting play PLUCKER. Ever since Alexis moved in with her boyfriend, her pet parrot has developed a problem. What’s worse, the girl she’s been illicitly flirting with just showed up uninvited to their dinner party. And she might have bedbugs. And a secret past. "Plucker" is an old-school farce about a new generation dealing with the anxieties of commitment and cohabitation.

PLUCKER combines a close examination of millennial angst and the woes of sex and relationships with elements of farce and bedroom comedy. The result of that marriage? A pointed, powerful, and visceral dark comedy that will make you laugh and question your life choices in equal measure. 


Photo credit: Malloree Delayne Hill (of MDH Photography)

Adjusted Realists


By Stephen Kaliski
Directed by Elizabeth Ostler
Starring Mia Isabella Aguirre, Sofiya Cheyenne, Kristin Fulton, Paul Hinkes, Ben Kaufman, Katie Proulx, Sarah Wadsley, & Jenna Zafiropoulos

Good news: you actually can bring the love of your life back from the dead. Bad news: breakfast the next morning is really awkward. When it comes to the unexpected resurrection of his beloved wife Alcestis, King Admetos learns the hard way that the aftermath of a miracle ain't as peachy as we might assume. 

A Doll's House, Part 2 for the Ancient Greek theater, The Briefly Dead reinvents a classic play with a sharply contemporary celebration of its powerful heroine returning home to settle the score. From playwright Stephen Kaliski and Adjusted Realists, the team behind Gluten! at 59E59 Theaters.

Sexual harassment. Media fatigue.  

Hurricane Maria's devastation of Puerto Rico.  

Confederate icons. Charlottesville violence.  

Deciding to run for elected office.

These are the "ripped from the headlines" topics that will be explored in DRT's "Continuing the Conversation" final Main Stage production of the season, premiering Thursday, April 26. A follow-up to Dreamcatcher's Evening of Short Plays in Response to the Election, Continuing the Conversation is an opportunity to check in with the community on what's important to us in real time. Written on themes chosen by the writers in the months prior to the production, Continuing the Conversation will be focused on the interaction between the stories we tell in the theatre and the lives we are living. It's a chance to connect artists to audience in an immediate way, with several discussions following the performances throughout the run.